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Float Massage - Sai Wan Ho

GA11-12A, G/F, No. 55 Tai Hong Street, Site A, Lei King Wan, Sai Wan Ho

Opening Hours:12nn-11pm

Phone: 2743 0895 / 5290 2089 (whatsapp)

Relax & Chill

Massage for 2

Close-up Hands Holding Spa Stones.jpeg

⭐For Her - Aromatherapy Stress Relief Therapy (110 minutes)

Five Elements Aromatherapy Massage 50 minutes


Hot stone energy massage 40 minutes


Magnetic fork care for 20 minutes

⭐For Him - Deep Relaxation Therapy (110 minutes)

Kampo Ginseng Deep Tissue Massage 90 minutes

Shoulder and neck Gua Sha massage 20 minutes

Original price $2,550 / 2 persons

☘️Only $1,398 for 2 people 🍀


☆ ​Sai Wan Ho exclusive ☆ 

Five Elements Yin-Yang Stone Massage Therapy (110m)

The white crystal rod has a slimming effect to eliminates fatigue. For the back massage,  black stones and Himalayan mineral rock salt combine to relieve muscle soreness and tension. Yin and yang can balance body functions. Rock salt also has anti-inflammatory and whitening effects, which can remove back granules (acne/acne marks/follicular keratosis) and improve rough skin. Finally, for the legs that are often neglected, you can choose a magnetic fork massage to detoxify, or a moisturising foot mask.

Face - White crystal face-lifting massage for 10 minutes

Shoulder- Shoulder and neck gua sha massage for 20 minutes

Body- Yin Yang energy hot stone massage for 60 minutes

Foot- Magnetic Fork Leg Massage or Leg Restoration 20 minutes

*Optional five elements aromatherapy oil or Ginseng oil

Free health scented tea

Original price $1,206

Limited Time Offer $868



Ultimate Five Elements Aromatic Therapy (110 mins)

From the concept of the five elements "gold, wood, water, fire and earth", our signature massage oil is prepared by our professional aromatherapist with selected natural materials, which helps to regulate the immune system, relieve stress, sleep and digestive system. 


Five elements aromatic massage for 50 mins


Exotic massage for 40 mins 1 out of 3

1. Thai Herbal Ball Massage

2. Magnetic Fork Massage

3. Hot Stone Massage


Navel candling therapy detoxification care for 20 mins


complimentary Herbal Tea​


Original Price $1,144

Limited Offer $798

☆ ​STAR HIghlight☆ 

Kampo Ginseng Energy Recharge Full Body Therapy (110 minutes)

Combining hot stone, magnetic fork, and scraping, the three treasures of detoxification, together with ginseng and mugwort massage oil, can quickly and point-to-point dredge the meridians, which has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It is really a boon for busy urbanites. This treatment  concentrates on shoulders, body, and foot which truly give a "whole body" massage.


Neck - Neck and Shoulder Gua Sha Massage Treatment 20 minutes

Body - Hot Stone Massage 70 minutes

Legs - Magnetic Fork Leg Massage Detoxification 20 minutes


*Kampo Ginseng Massage Oil

Free health scented tea


Original Price $1,588

Limited Offer $1,218 / person

chi medi x ginseng.png
7Q5A0037 re_Low.jpg

Moisturizing Grapefruit and Lemon Oil

Extended Female Repair & Detox Therapy
(110 mins)

Lighten the melanin with grapefruit and lemon essential oil, so as to brighten your skin with the rich antioxidant. Massage to remove the toxin accumulated due to weak metabolism. Improve tiredness and dull complexion to make you glow.


Detox Lymphatic Massage  50mins ​

Breast Repair Massage 30mins ​

Magnetic Fork Face Massage 10mins ​

Navel Candling 20mins ​


*with Moisturizing Grapefruit and Lemon Essential Oil


Complimentary Herbal Tea


Original Price $1,210

Limited Offer $968

Men Delux(110mins)

Thai Ginger Muscle and Tendon Therapy

Gently perform a deep tissue massage with Thai ginger essential oil; combined with beech wood muscle massage rod; followed by fragrant stress-relieving herbal ball hot massage. It effectively warms your skin; releases physical and mental stress and reduces edema.

Ginger Essential Oil Massage 40mins

Herbal Ball Massage 40mins

Tendon Therapy 30mins

Complimentary Herbal Tea

Original Price $1,119

Limited Offer $898

7Q5A0021 re_Low.jpg

Double Deluxe Magnetic Fork Detox Therapy (110 mins)

Pay by selected 2

Pick Any 2 Massages


1. Five Elements Aroma Massage   $398/50mins

2. Detox Lymphatic Massage  $398/50mins

3. Kampo Ginseng Deep Tissue Massage $568/50mins

4. Magnetic Fork Massage  $528/50mins


FREE Gift: Magnetic fork shoulder massage valued at $110


Complimentary Herbal Tea ​


Stress Free Massage Combo (110 mins)

Five Elements Aroma Massage  80mins

Neck and Shoulder Magnetic Fork Massage  30 mins

Original Price $1,119

Limited Offer $898

Rejuvenating Kampo Ginseng Massage Combo (110 mins)

Kampo Ginseng Deep Tissue Massage 80mins

Neck and Shoulder Magnetic Fork Massage  30 mins

*Kampo Ginseng Massage Oil

complimentary Herbal Tea​

Original Price $1,430

Limited Offer $1,128
Trying Out Drunk Elephant Skincare - The

Five Elements Aroma Massage











It is meticulously prepared by a registered aromatherapy artist, extracted from top essential oils to become the exclusive "Five Elements Essential Oil" at Float Massage. The unique aroma soothes a blissful awakening of urban beings.


Ingredient: Myrtle, Fir Needle, Frankincense, Lavender 

Function: Improve respiratory function for joy and nourishment



Ingredient: Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemongrass , Blackpepper, Rosewood

Function: Enhance immune system for warm and uplifting



Ingredient: Grapefruit, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Cypress

Function: Detox & Refreshing


Ingredient: Mandarin, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Patchouli

Function: Calm your emotion and improve sleep


Ingredient: Palmarosa, Marjoram, Blackpepper and Ginger

Function: Muscle relaxation and improve digestive system

$398 / 50 mins 

$588 / 75 mins

$758 / 100 mins

gingseng 3.png

Kampo Ginseng Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve muscle stiffness and pain with ginseng and mugwort massage oil. Ginseng nourishes the organs and stabilizes emotions. Mugwort has sedative and anti-allergic effects. The massage helps you sleep and eliminates fatigue.

$568 / 50 mins

$808 / 75 mins

$1,018 / 100 mins

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Using Thai-style natural herbal balls, from the front to the back, gently press the head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, hands and legs. The hot herbal balls are full of unique aroma. You can feel the penetration of heat, soothing and comfortable. It also has the effect of dredging lymph, promoting blood circulation, and relieving tired body and mind from the inside to the outside.

$588 / 75mins

$748 / 100mins

7Q5A0052 re_Low.jpg

Magnetic Fork Massage

The magnetic force of the fork can facilitate the movement of the iron element in the blood and enhance an effective blood circulation. It is very good for detox and removing lymph congestion from your body and boosts your immunity in the process; easing muscle fatigue; reducing fat and edema. It is more effective than generic manual massage.

$528 / 50mins

$792 / 75mins

Hot Stone Massage

The masseuse will first gently massage your back, hands and feet. Then he/she will massage your back with massage oil, and then put the heated stone on the body. The temperature of the hot stone improves blood circulation, calms your nerves and relieves muscle pain. The heat of the stone can penetrate deep into the body, help perspiration, and expel toxins from the body through the lymphatic system.

$538 / 75mins

$688 /100 mins

Hot Stone Massage
Neck & Shoulder Massage

$198 / 30mins ; $288 / 45mins ; $368 / 60mins; $468 / 75mins

Enhanced Items: Magnetic fork shoulder massage $168/15mins ; Shoulder scrape therapy $168/15mins

(Included in the massage section)

Traditional Thai Massage

$348 / 50mins; $488 / 75mins; $608 / 100mins

Detox Lymphatic Massage

$398 / 50mins ; $568 / 75mins ; $728/ 100mins

Pregnancy Massage

$468 / 50mins ; $702 / 75mins ; $936 / 100mins

Accept reservations from 16 weeks to 28 weeks of pregnancy

Chinese Body Massage

$299 / 50 mins ; $449 / 75mins ;  $558 /100mins

Breast Repair Massage (additional item)

$488 / 30mins

Agate Stone Gua Sha Massage  (additional item)

$228 / 20mins

Healing Ear & Navel Candling Therapy  (additional item)

$228 / 20mins

Tendor Therapy  (additional item)

$228 / 20mins

Magnetic Fork Face Massage  (additional item)

$228 / 20mins


additional item - with body massage 50 minutes or more

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