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Calm Down & Take A Break


Float Massage


Located at the heart of Tin Hau, Float Massage is an ultimate mind and body ritual themed on the Five-element and mother nature. The shop is decorated with mother nature as the main theme, combined with a magic touch of ancient Southeast Asia.

Deep Tissue vs Swedish Massage.png

Traditional Craftsmanship for Deep Relaxation


It is like being in a paradise, turning the tranquility of the jungle and the fragrance of nature to your side for a five-sense journey. Combining the traditional craftsmanship of professional masseurs and the concept of natural wisdom of the five elements, it is integrated into the massage process to take you to a moment of harmony and relaxation

Five Elements Natural Wisdom


With convenient transportation, it is suitable for busy Hongkongers. After enjoying the treatment, taste the seasonal tea and snacks recommended by the nutritionist to purify the body and mind from in and out. 

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